How you feel about yourself affects your finances

You can have the best intentions. You can have a written budget & plan out what to pay for every pay check. All of that is great and super important but if you don’t love yourself or feel worthy of having prosperity you will self sabotage EVERY TIME! You must know that you are amazing, worthy and meant to be abundant. Just because you live and breathe. You don’t have to earn it! You don’t have to deserve it! Abundance and prosperity is your birthright.
There could be so many limiting beliefs holding you back from all that you are meant to have. Maybe you grew up with a family that told you money was for other people not us, or that people that were wealthy stepped on others to succeed. Maybe you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and all you witnessed was poverty, addiction or abuse. Maybe you had a family member that took your money as a child or used your name to get services (like utilities). All of these things happen and it totally sucks but it is time to break free right now.
What I want you to do right now is to start journaling about any beliefs you have around money, especially anything negative or limiting. Some examples are: Money is the root of all evil, or that Money doesn’t grow on trees. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind- this is called journal dumping. Don’t worry about what it is because after you get everything out destroy the page- rip it up, burn it, shred it whatever resonates with you.
Next write yourself a letter to forgive yourself and any others that have contributed to your issues around money. For example if your mom said “We can’t afford this” all the time growing up you may have a mindset of lack, thinking there is not enough. If that’s the case forgive her for that (and get specific) and also forgive yourself for taking that belief on. You can keep this letter or get rid of it, whatever feels the best.
Now I want you to begin to dream! You can journal this again or get creative. Make a vision board by pasting pictures of your dreams on a poster board or electronically in Pinterest or on a Word document. The how doesn’t matter but print it out and hang it up where you can see it.
The final step is to surround yourself with positivity! Listen to upbeat music, inspirational people (videos, podcasts, etc.), or take up a hobby that brings you joy. The point here is to elevate your general vibrational energy. You draw prosperity towards yourself when you radiate a positive life force. Meditation is a powerful tool! (It has changed my life and I will write about this soon) Begin to listen to meditations on You Tube. (there are thousands!) There are things on self love, abundance, wealth, relationships etc. and any of them will help improve your relationship with money. Finally the two secrets to activating abundance in your life is forgiveness and gratitude. Letting go of things that upset you quickly (and old wounds as well) and being thankful for anything & everything will turn your finances (and everything) in your life are the secret sauce. Say thank you when you get a great parking spot or if you find a dime on the ground. Forgive someone that cuts you off in traffic or if the neighbor’s dog poops in your yard. Do not hold onto anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety or any negative emotion. It truly holds you back. Keep a journal for all of that (destroy anything negative, keep the positives).


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