Welcome! My name is Beth Blanco, I’m a Certified Financial Counselor & Money Mindset Coach. I began doing financial counseling following a divorce and my own financial disaster. I took 3 years to turn it around and vowed never to go there again- true story. Well I haven’t and it’s my passion to help others get their stuff together with their money and prosper!.Teaching & empowering you down the path of financial freedom is what’s up here.

I am also and author and speaker and you can find both of my books on Amazon- Get Your Sh*t Together With Your Money and Dust Yourself Off, My Dear: Nine Lessons For Living Your Best Life.



We believe that in order to experience financial success it takes both practical money strategy along with some serious mindset work. Most often childhood experiences create money blocks that need to worked through in order to have success. We want to help you dig into your money story, clear those blocks, and rewrite it so you can live the life of your dreams.

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