Changing your Money Story

How do you feel about your money? Is it a love-hate relationship where you love payday and hate that all your money goes to bills? Do you start to shake at the thought of spending money on yourself? Do you tell your kids that you can’t afford things? Or that Money doesn’t grow on trees? (Well technically it does because trees become paper and paper becomes money!) Did your dad tell you to turn off the lights because he wasn’t Edison or did you witness your grandma save and reuse the Ziploc baggies?
We all have a money story and it comes from our upbringing and family, and life experiences. Someone that grew up without much may have no restraint with their money and are always struggling with their basic bills like rent and utilities because they don’t pay those first before spending. Another person that grew up the same may have a “lack mentality” meaning no matter how much they earn, they have no money, no savings, they live paycheck to paycheck and may overdraw their bank account or frequent payday lenders. They hold themselves back without even thinking about it. Maybe family always has their hand out, so if you accumulate anything you feel it may just go to them anyway so you unconsciously keep yourself small, not to your fullest potential. Another person may be afraid to spend a dollar and hold so tight to their money and live in fear.
All of these behaviors can be problematic. Money is energy and energy needs to flow. That doesn’t mean you can write a check if the bank balance doesn’t support it; however it means that your mindset needs to change. The Law of Attraction states that thoughts and feelings manifest into things. If your focus is on the lack- lack of money, lack of affection, lack of customers, lack of ANYTHING, guess what shows up? YES!! Lack will prove you right every time. Try shifting your focus to your dreams, your goals. Do you want to know how to draw things to you instead of chasing them down? Do you want more money? Good, then here’s the plan:
1. Focus on your goals, but not in a stressed out or fearful way. For example let’s say you need a newer car. Look up makes and models you like, cut out photos and paste them on paper or make a vision board or just journal about the car. Close your eyes and think about how the car will look, feel, smell, and sound. Envision it starting up, the feel of the steering wheel, the pine scent air freshener. Turn the radio dial, what song would be playing? What color is the interior, is it leather or cloth? Feel it and get excited. Smile and tell yourself how happy and full of joy you will be when you get your new car.
2. Believe that it is coming your way. It already exists in your awareness or vortex. You are just waiting for the car to come your way. You do not need to continuously dwell on it, or plead with God, or the universe, there are no reminders necessary. In fact this will choke the energy and stall your car from coming to you.
3. Relax and forget it, detach from the heavy energy of need and desire. Just know that the universe will figure out how your car- that is already your- is coming to you. It may not be a free gift. It may be an exceptional good deal. It may an inheritance in the amount that covers the car. It may be a new income source that will cover a car payment and make it easier to take on. Your job is not to figure out the details, but to sit back and watch how it will unfold. Your job is to walk through the door as it opens. If you feel paralyzed and full of fear it will take longer for the universe to bring your heart’s desires. It is not always comfortable however if it gets easier as you trust the inverse more and more.
Some tips you need to know:
Stop saying negative things about your money. Stop saying I can’t afford and shift to this is not in my financial plan or budget right now, or it is not for my highest good.
Stay positive. Listen to positive music or podcasts. Journal, meditate, do yoga, read a good book, take a bubble bath, get a massage etc. Are you getting this? Avoid negative energy- anger, sadness, jealousy are vibrations that stifle your prosperity. Joy, happiness, gratitude are energies that accelerate your abundance. Smile at your cashier and ask how her day is going. Buy a coffee for the guy behind you, or sing in the car like no one is watching.
Forgiveness. If there are people (even yourself), and situations you need to forgive, get on it ASAP. Unforgiveness will hold you back from all you are meant to have. Journal it out, every detail and destroy the page. Then journal some positive things to fill your spirit back up with. Try this exercise- look in the mirror and tell yourself why you love YOU or write down all the reasons why you are amazing!! Things you need to heal are a must- you will not level to the point you want to without this step.
Have gratitude. Whenever you are thankful for what you have now the universe wants to bless you. Appreciate what you have now. Be thankful for the car that is falling apart that is starts every morning. Express gratitude for an amazing parking spot or for finding a quarter on the ground.
Watch other thing come your way that you haven’t even focused on. Positivity, joy and love draw things toward you. You will manifest lots of things that seem magical- free lunches, unexpected checks show up in the mail, people and opportunities that help to get you to your dreams.
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